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A Tributo to LOVE..🇭🇺ALL'AmoR❤️⚜️.. RAVello🌹!

Ravello Magic Gardens tea blend Wonderful selection of eight black teas of the world in a magical tea blRosend petals and buttons of Grasse and Flowers .. Citrus and Spices .. and a precious mix of essential and organic oil of Rose Bulgaria .. Rose of Grasse, Ylang Ylang and Arabic Incense .. all 100% natural perfume .. ~ A sweet, infinite symphony with colors .. sounds and flavors of the most beautiful musical garden in the world .. Where you live the silence .. where you feel the place the sea sparkles.. and emotions bloom .. ~ Where is the infinite? Where is my soul of fire? Where is the soul of my heart? Where is and where will I meet my TRUE AND INFINITE LOVE again? IN RAVELLO! ❤️ A Tea the Alchemist BLEND collection born in 2007 .. THE WONDERFUL GOLD FLOWER COLLECTION is an annual limited edition since 2011. .. ⚜️Because the works of a True Artist are born from the heart and will be recognized forever and forever because they are the indelible imprint of his Soul⚜️ .. HERE IS MINE for you .. MY Infinite SOUL! For you my RAVELLO! .. .. Where is my heart? Where is the soul of my INFINITE LOVE? Like me.. in the infinite..

Where the sea and the sky sparkle and the wind blows! .. In Ravello! .. 🌹 My dear tribute to the little town of my heart .. of my soul! Forevers yours my Soul.. original by Melania Francis Autheur ©!

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